At Sunjem Private School, the belief is that children should not be denied their fundamental right to education as a result of their parents inability to pay for their education. Consequently, the School set up a Scholarship Scheme to take care of the less privileged children. This scheme has been in operation since 2003. In addition, the School awards tuition free scholarship to the best overall student every term. This is to encourage excellence and healthy academic competition amongst the students


This fund is meant to support three main categories of the scholarship scheme, viz;

  1. The Needy. Those who are desirous of being in school or are in school but cannot afford the cost.
  2. Academic Excellence. Recognition of academic achievement and encouragement of academic competition amongst the students.
  3. Special Skills. An award or prize money to best student in specific areas of study, e.g. Sciences, Home economics, Fine Art, Religious studies, etc.


The scholarship program is designed to cover two broad areas of award – Direct and Indirect.

  1. Direct Award. This is further divided into various categories which are usually granted on the basis of academic achievement and financial need to meet part or all of tuition and expenses of the child concern.

    1. Full Scholarship. This covers the tuition and expenses of a child or more for one academic session or more.
    2. Part Scholarship. This covers part of a child’s tuition and expenses for a term or more.
    3. Special Award. This is prize money in recognition of excellent performance in specific areas of study or attribute.

  2. Indirect Award. This category is designed to enable those who are not able to sponsor a child directly to do any of the following:

    1. Donate certain amount of money to the scholarship fund.
    2. Donate educational materials (Text books, exercise books, writing material, etc.) to support the pupils and students.
    3. Sponsor excursions, inter and intra school debates and quiz competitions, etc.


The scholarship scheme is for the benefit of pupils and students of Sunjem Private School. The fund thereof is applied discretionally to meet the specific need of those concern. In the case of “Direct Award” category, the fund is applied as directed by the benefactor. All beneficiaries are considered on the basis of their peculiar need, regardless of sex, religion or ethnicity.


By contributing to SPS Scholarship Scheme or sponsoring a child today, you are:

In addition, your name will be indelibly listed in the School prospectus and in all its printed matter. You will receive recognition and credit in all the School’s social and educational programs.

In the light of the above, the School Management would be very delighted to have you sign-up for this remarkable project that will turn around for better, the lives of many children. You can register your interest by downloading and completing the “Intent Form” or call 08033001762 for a meeting.