About sunjem school

All the important aspects of our school’s philosophy are reflected in the whole school community’s fostering of a purposeful, warm and friendly atmosphere with everyone working together for the benefit of the children.

We are concerned with the education of each pupil as a whole person, as an individual striving to fulfil his or her potential by making progress in personal, social and health, moral and spiritual, physical and academic development.

We value all members of our community and acknowledge and welcome diversity. We provide a learning environment within which there is equality of access for all. We are committed to the provision of a safe environment in which pupils can be happy and enjoy learning, and develop their self-identity and sense of community. Pupils are encouraged to retain their natural curiosity and develop an enquiring mind. To grow as individuals each child needs to develop their self-esteem, confidence, sense of responsibility, decision making skills, understanding and respect of self, others and independence.

We view the education of each pupil as a partnership involving the staff, child and parents/carers working collaboratively. We provide the children with a wide range of learning experiences. Staff uses a variety of teaching and learning strategies as appropriate for the different learning styles, needs and aptitudes of the pupils. The children are presented with a broad and balanced Nigerian Social Studies, Culture and Heritage, through which they develop their knowledge and skills in a wide variety of subjects, life skills and aspects of personal development. In addition, a variety of individual interests and talents can be pursued through extracurricular activities provided by teachers after school clubs.

Our vision

To raise God-fearing, diligent, highly skilled and confident children who will, as future world leaders, use their potential to affect their generation positively and benefit mankind.